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Name | Leca
Personal Journal | lecanis.livejournal.com
Contact | lecanis@gmail.com, lecanis @ Plurk, AIM, Skype
Current Character(s) | Meguro Gau (Nabari no Ou) and Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)

Name | Kurogane
Series | Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Canon Point | manga, Chapter 182
Reference | http://tsubasa.wikia.com/wiki/Kurogane
Age | Early twenties, exact age unknown
Gender | Male
Suitability | N/A
Appearance | No physical changes from canon. I will note that due to the canon point, Kurogane does have a prosthetic arm. Seen here: http://www.citymanga.com/files/images/tsubasa_reservoir_chronicles/169/19.jpg

Personality | Kurogane is overall a pretty serious fellow. He’s very dedicated to his own goals, which include finding the man who killed his mother (revealed to be related to the captivity and cloning of Syaoran) and protecting those he cares about. His childhood obsession with becoming stronger might have changed a bit since he realized that ‘strength’ means more than just physical, but he definitely still feels strongly about his physical training.

He’s always expected a lot from himself, and often that carries over into being too serious. He has a hard time joking around or doing things for no reason other than “fun” and expects a certain amount of seriousness from those around him as well. He’s also got some very strong opinions about things like self-worth and gratitude, evidenced by something he tells Fai: “There’s nothing in the world I hate more than those who take their lives for granted.”

He is easily annoyed by people who joke around too much or refuse to take matters seriously, but over time, he’s begun to enjoy a certain amount of playfulness, and misses it when his companions stop behaving this way.

His perceptiveness is also a pretty major part of his personality. If you’re trying to hide something from Kurogane, you’d better be damn good at it. He pays attention to a lot of details that most people who miss, and can discern not just battle weaknesses, but also catches on a lot to what people are feeling and thinking. How much of that he gives away is often another matter; he plays his own knowledge pretty close to the vest, unless he’s trying to help someone.

At this point in his life, he’s actually changed a lot in a relatively short time, because of the events in various worlds and his relationships with those he traveled them with. So there are times when he still reacts in the older ways, automatically believes he can solve a situation with his physical strength, focuses on strategies that aren’t necessarily his current way of doing things. He’s very much at this point in his life in a state of evolution, and it shows.

Possessions | His primary weapon is his family’s heirloom sword, http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll156/lecanis/kuroganewithginryu.jpg Ginryu which was given back to him recently in his travels when he returned to his home country. A few smaller weapons such a knives are on his person as well. He also wears light armor.

The only other important piece of equipment that requires mentioning is Kurogane’s prosthetic arm. It was procured for him from a more technologically advanced world than his own, but he is still getting used to it, so expect to see a little fumbling.

He doesn’t have much in the way of money on him, since he’s been traveling from one dimension to another and not had any way to exchange it.

Character Abilities/Powers | Kurogane’s main skill set is that of a ninja; he’s been trained from a young age to fight, and can do so both with and without weapons. He has several special attacks that he uses with his sword, such as the Tenma kurysen (Sky dragon flash) which takes the form of a dragon made of lightning. His family’s most prized attack, however, is the Hama Ryū-ō Jin, which he often uses when fighting multiple opponents or to end a battle.

He’s shown mowing through large amounts of trained fighters, and holds his own against supernatural beings of several types over the course of the series, including working as a demon hunter in one of the worlds along the journey.

His actual physical strength is a little difficult to explain: while he is basically a normal human, his strength through ninja techniques has grown to where he can do things such as shatter walls.

Not only does he have great strength and speed, however, he’s also quite perceptive, and can quickly assess a situation and make tactical decisions. He’s always quick to find weak points in both opponents and allies, as well as recognizing strengths. He is trained to be a leader in battle, and has experience doing so.

Weaknesses/Fears | Kurogane’s biggest weakness is really his tendency to be competitive, aggressive, and combative. He has a hard time turning down a fight, especially if someone has offended him. He also can have a hard time taking a joke, though he’s gotten a little better about that since the beginning of the series.

He doesn’t have any ‘magical’ protection of his own, so that’s a weakness for him.

The new prosthesis is a weakness for now because he isn’t used to it yet, though it is quite high-tech and will become less of a weakness.

His fears are mostly focused around not being able to protect others or be there for them when he needs them. He’s terrified of losing more people he loves through lack of his own strength, though his idea of what that strength is has been changing recently. The images of any of his traveling companions, or of his Princess, could easily be used to harm him.

His fear of becoming physically weak would be another easy thing to use against him, whether via poison or a curse.

Requested Village | Fuar
NPC mini-plot | Sure

First-person |


[The ninja is leaning on one hand, his crimson eyes trained on the device, looking straight out at his audience. The hand that his chin is resting on is made of metal, contrasting with his skin sharply. He lets the single word hang in the air for a moment, and then speaks again.]

What exactly is a fighting man supposed to do in a place like this?

[He looks, quite frankly, bored. And if one looks close enough, there’s a slight twitch to his shoulder, as if he can’t even manage to quite sit still long enough to make the video.]

Aside from... the obvious mandate.

[And just for good measure, Kurogane snorts derisively.]

Third-person | The thing that haunted Kurogane the most about his encounter with Arawn was, surprisingly, not the suggestion that he should engage in intimate activities if he discovered a mark on his body. Perhaps it would have been, if he had actually had time to process that.


The thing that haunted Kurogane the most was the fact that a seemingly normal hand had moved between his own fist and the wall as he lashed out... and stopped his punch. Without any difficulty at all.

It was at that moment that Kurogane realized that he had perhaps finally been utterly defeated. If his own strength could not in any way affect this situation... and his traveling companions were not with him...

What else was there for him to do?

For the moment, he lay back on the bed in what was apparently his room for the time being, his red eyes focused up at the ceiling, and opened and closed his one fist after the other, flesh and then metal.

Strength would avail him nothing here. Those fists could not free him from this prison.

But somewhere, in some world waiting for him, there were those who he had promised to aid. And in his own world, still waiting for him, there was a Princess to whom he had sworn his loyalty, before he’d even truly become a man. It didn’t matter how many worlds away those people were, didn’t matter how much time passed between one dimension and another, didn’t matter whether there was anything further Kurogane could do to protect them.

They were out there, and that meant that Kurogane couldn’t simply lie down and wallow in misery or despair.

And so he took the only option available to him. He pushed off the bed, stretched a little as he stood, and took long confident steps toward the door, ready to go find just how to survive this world until he found the means to leave it.


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